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Frequently asked questions

What is Newsplay?

Newsplay is a news streaming service that utilises the technology of an artificially intelligent, animatronic newscaster to deliver you hyper-personalized news in over 16 different languages.

How much does Newsplay cost?

As of now, we are absolutely free to use.

Where can I watch Newsplay?

Newsplay can be viewed on any modern browser i.e Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox with complete ease.This also includes phone browsers, although the experience isn't as great. All you need to do is sign up :) In order to improve on that, we are building a Newsplay app for your Apple and Android devices. Stay updated by signing up on Newsplay's newsletters.

What can I watch on Newsplay?

When you start watching, you will be able to see a digital newscaster who delivers you news that caters to what you specifically care about. As our library of content is small at the moment, Newsplay is only broadcasting cryptocurrency news in English to its users. Eventually, you will be able to watch news on any interests in any language.

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